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Name : Liposuction: Top 5 Myths Date: 2012-06-30 Description : Liposuction: Top 5 Myths After Liposuction With 205,000 People Having Liposuction In 2010, Surgical Removal Of Fat Is The Fourth Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedure In America. But Many People Have Some False Beliefs About What Liposuction Is For And What It Can Accomplish. The Top Five Myths Include: Liposuction Myth 1: It’s A Great Way To Lose Excess Weight. Reality: Actually, If You’re Too Overweight, Your Plastic Surgeon May Turn You Down For Liposuction. The Real Purpose Of The Procedure Is To Sculpt The Body By Removing Pockets Of Flab That Just Won’t Go Away With Diet And Exercise. The Ideal Liposuction Patient Is At, Or Near, His Or Her Ideal Body Weight. Myth #2: Once The Fat Is Gone, It’s Gone Forever. Reality: Liposuction Removes Fat Cells That Do Not Grow Back But The Fat Cells Left Behind Have An Unlimited Ability To Expand. Protect Your Investment By Bringing Diet And Exercise Into Balance So You Don’t Gain Weight. Pockets Of Fat Can Be Shaped, Reduced And Contoured Anywhere On The Body By A Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, From: The Fold Under The Breast From The Breast To The Pubic Area From Hip To Hip The Flanks And Love Handles Some Patients Even Have Knees And Ankles Liposuctioned. Myth #3: You’ll Come Away From The Procedure Weighing Less. Reality: The Actual Weight Removed In Liposuction Is Actually Quite Small, Often Between One To Two Pounds. You May Actually Weight Right After Your Procedure Due To Fluid Retention That Can Last Days Or Weeks. Myth #4. Liposuction Leaves No Scars. Liposuction Requires Only Very Small Entrances Through The Skin To Accommodate The Cannula, A Type Of Surgical Instrument That Actually Works Internally To Remove The Fat. But The Incisions Are So Small, They Can Usually Be Closed By A Single Stitch, Or A Band Aid If The Cannula Is Very Small. Moreover, The Scars Fade Away In About A Year’s Time. Myth#5: Liposuction Is Done Primarily On Women. Actually, A Part Of Almost Every Male Breast Reduction Procedure Is Liposuction Of The Chest. Many Men Have Liposuction Of The Back And Stomach While One Special Procedure For Men, , Uses Liposuction From The Collarbone To The Lower Stomach And From Side To Side. (Look At Some Male Breast Reduction Before And After Pictures.) Tags: Better Bodies, Losing Weight, Lower Weight, Popular Myths, Scarless Procedures, Staying Slim, Womens' Procedures This Entry Was Posted On Thursday, September 1st, 2011 At 8:50 Pm And Is Filed Under Liposuction. You Can Follow Any Responses To This Entry Through The RSS 2.0 Feed. You Can Leave A Response, Or Trackback From Your Own Site.